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Next to nukes and biological warfare, Landmines are one of the worlds worst weapons . Landmines effect not only the soldiers fighting now, but also children and women in the future. Landmines don't spoil or go bad, some look like toys, children play with them and BOOM, dead, or severely wounded.


 Since World War II, hundreds of countries around the globe have been researching mines to counter tanks. By the end of World War II almost three-hundred million mines were used to destroy tanks and people alike. Landmines cause nearly twenty six thousand casualties
world wide every year. Most of the casualties are cause by the indiscriminate and irresponsible use of them. Anti-personnel mines have been stigmatized by the international community. The former Soviet Union, Italy, USA, China, Korea, Czechoslovakia and Egypt are
all responsible for the development of mines and how they have become awful killers even today.


There are two basic types of landmines. Anti-tank mines, AT, and anti-personnel mines, AP. Both types of landmines are
highly destructive. Anti-tank mines were created to destroy vehicles like tanks. AT mines are typically larger than a man's
shoe and can weigh up to twelve pounds. These landmines destroy the vehicle and kill people near them as well. Anti-personnel landmines are set off more easily and just designed to wound the enemy. Although they are known to kill them also. AP mines are much smaller than AT mines. AP mines can be as small as a pack of cigarettes and weigh 50 grams.

Types of Landmines

There are many types of anti-personnel landmines, although they can be put into five main categories.
BLAST MINES: This is the most common type of mine. It explodes when stepped on and it has a very large in it which often kills people.
FRAG MINES: More commonly known as the tripwire mine. These types of mines are above ground and when they are set off they blast fragments of metal in between the two explosions. (also known as stake mines)
BOUNDING FRAG MINES: These types of mines jump to about chest level of the person who set it off and explodes, this mine typically kills the person who set it off. It also wounds most people in the area of effect.
DIRECTIONAL FRAG MINES: More commonly known as Claymores. These mines shoot steel balls in one direction at high speeds, either set off by tripwires or by remote control.
SCATTERABLE MINES: Dropped from aircraft or artillery, they land on the ground without exploding. typically colored green or sand so they are difficult to see. (also known as butterfly mines)

Common Strategies

Landmines were typically hidden along common paths and areas where a lot of enemy soldiers would be crossing. Landmines were also put along trails for the destruction of tanks. Tripwire landmines were often put between trees and buildings. While a war was going on a mine was one of the worst things to be on the watch for.

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