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Wahhabi Fundamentalism: a muslim movement that is a more literal understanding of the Qur'an and who's followers are more militant  in advocating their beliefs. Ibn ‘Abd Al-Wahhab was the leader of this movement and the one who came up with the new way of praticing Islam.

Characteristics of Wahhabi Fundamentalism
1. One of the strongest movements.
2. Interpretations of texts are considered "literal" meaning that they follow what it says in the Qur'an 
    exaclty and don't attempt to avoid following some rules beacuse they seem extreme.
3. Hejira (flight from non-wahhabi traditions) 
4. Takfir (excommunication of other musims as infidels)
5. Obligatory armed jihad against other beliefs.
6. Since they are literalists theyare more strict on worshipping. They won't praise any person including 
    Muhammad for his achievements.
7. One muslim can't kill another. This rule was bypassed by saying that the other muslims weren't true 
8. Rejects any reinterpretations of qur'an.
9. Viewed as the only correct path.

In the 1740's Ibn ‘Abd Al-Wahhab met withn Muhammad Ibn Sa‘ud, the ruler of Dir' Iya. Over the next 100 or so years Dir' iya would gain a vast amount of land that we know now as Saudi Arabia.

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