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When it comes to clothing, many things affect what you wear. Anything from music, generation, economy, geographic place of residence, religion, fasion trends, seasons, and even education. Almost anything that you can think of can affect what you wear. Throughout the ages, clothing has modernized very much, it has also become very less conservative. It was in the 1900's that this great changes started to occur, everything became more shorter or smaller, and some things disappered like the petticoats, corsets, and longcoats. Before the 1900's new original trends were being created, now new trends are still being created, but it always has ideas from the older trends.

From Prehistoric


Some of the earliest people to live in this planet were the caveman. They would make their clothing out of animal skin and fur to cover their bodies from temperature changes in the weather.

To Current Trends


In this century, clothing is made from different kinds of textiles. Now there's very many choices when it comes to clothing.

Timeline of changes in trends through the centuries


Throughout time clothing styles have change drastically. Women used to wear many layers of clothing, while now the clothing amount has decreased very much, women and men don't really wear many layers of clothes.


Religion is a very important part of some people's lives. In certain religions, they have rules on what you have to wear, which holds people back on their decisions of expressing themselves through what they wear. People basically follow what religious book the believe in, and what it tells them to wear. One of the most know religion that has a great influence over what women wear is the Muslim. The women cover their faces with the hijab and man wear a turban.

Muslim Women


Women usually cover their heads when they go out in public, they use the hijab.

Muslim Man


Men usually wear the turban to show respect to their religion.



One of the things that distinguishes one country from another is their traditional costume. This is clothing that is worn in one country and that is likely that it won't be worn in another country, it is how people traditionally dress in the country.


People wear different types of clothing depending on the season. People tend to wear different clothing when the season causes the change in weather. Colder seasons usually cause people to wear warmer clothes, or more layers while in the warmer seasons they tend to wear less clothing or less layers of clothing.


Some schools require students to follow a dress code. Some even require students to wear uniforms. It has become a policy and rule that students should abide under in many public and private schools. It is believed that one in four public elementary schools and one in eight public middle and high schools in the USA have policies that tell their students what they are allowed to wear to atted the school.