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World Perception of the Taliban


The Taliban are known as a terrorist group throughout the world. They have been knocked from power many times but continue to keep on coming back every time they do. Most countries see them as nothing more than a terrorist group bent on taking over. The United States along with a few other countries supported the Taliban for a little while hoping it would help restore order to a country that had just been taken over by the Soviets. Those hopes were in vain, as soon as the Taliban started gaining control, the United States realized it had been a mistake to trust the Taliban. As the Taliban gained control the United States realized what the Taliban was, a terrorist organization. America started distancing themselves from the Taliban relations wise after they started killing innocent people and restricting women's rights. It was however, too late for this, the Taliban was already in power.

Middle east view

Casualties of Taliban
Many people from the Middle East continue to denounce the practices of The Taliban. They think that the deaths of civilians is not the right way to go about doing their business. Many Muslims do not agree with The Taliban and their practices. The Taliban is very unpopular with many Muslims. The Taliban kills not only American soldiers and soldiers from other countries, but also its own people. Because the Taliban kills its own people, they are not very popular with anyone in the Middle East. The only people who like the Taliban are those who want the current government to be taken down.

United States

The United States has a long history with the Taliban. The Taliban rose to power from indirect help from the United States. America helped kick the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan during the Cold War, this let  a war for power break out as soon as the U.S. left Afghanistan. The Taliban rose to power in Afghanistan shortly after. Only a few countries in the Middle East recognized the Taliban as a legitimate government. Most countries around the world did not recognize The Taliban as a legitimate leader of Afghanistan. After the attack on the Twin Towers in America on September 11, 2001, America demanded that the Taliban turn over Osama Bin Laden. The Taliban did not cooperate with the United States' demands. After September 11th attacks, America hated the Taliban. The United States wanted to destroy the Taliban after the attacks on U.S. soil. America has since been in Afghanistan trying to oust the Taliban from the mountains where they are hiding. The propaganda in America against the Taliban has been overwhelming, people now just think the Taliban is a horrible Terrorist group. The Taliban is a terrorist group, but now people think the whole Middle East is a bad place. People in America see the Taliban as nothing more t